I started composing for this project in 2007 as Fleshware. It took me years to create the seventeen tracks of my debut album 'A la recherche de soi-même...'. I qualify this album as Oppressiv Elektro Pop.

After this album, I made some more experimental ambiant EPs.

I, as ONE 0000 0001, currently rework or make a video for each track of the album 'A la recherche de soi-même...'.

ONE 0000 0001

Some videos of FETISHGROUND

S10 und Latex - VHS Edit

Fleshware filmed by X-Girl while wearing a S10 gasmask and a latex suit.

VHS Edit by ONE 0000 0001.

GP5 und Rubber - VHS Edit

VHS EDIT version of the video for the track "GP5 und Rubber" by ONE 0000 0001.


Abandoned gazmask on the field... What's going to happen ?

Gas Mask Ritual

A sanctuary of sorts… Three gasmasks await… A man enters. The ritual begins...

Debut Album


Gazmask Triology 0

Gazmask Triology 0

The first EP released in march 2014 on bandcamp. This is the most experimental.

gasmask rising

gasmask rising

The second EP released in july 2014 on bandcamp after the debut album. It's a dark experimental ambiant EP.



The third EP released in february 2015 on bandcamp. It's a experimental atmospheric ambiant EP.

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